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The Sitting Solution
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About The Sitting Solution
The Sitting Solution is a comprehensive program created to battle the dangerous effects of chronic sitting.  Created by Chad and Brenda Walding, both doctors of physical therapy, their innovative approach teaches people techniques that will alleviate common neck, shoulder, and back pain.
As new research continues to come out it is becoming clear that sitting for long periods of time is extremely hazardous to our health.  In fact new studies are comparing the effects of chronic sitting to that of smoking.
One of the major causes for this is that not many people are unaware that they are causing themselves long term damage through prolonged sitting.  Even if you eat right and exercise daily you can still be significantly harming your body through your daily sitting habits.
Some of the symptoms include:
  • Aching and tight muscles,
  • Elevated blood pressure,
  • Weight gain
  • Cloudy thinking and forgetfulness
  • Poor sleep
  • Declining functionality

The Sitting Solution Program:

Their guide is designed to address the real world issues associated with the modern lifestyle and workplace sitting.  They understand that it may be difficult or impossible to entirely  eliminate prolonged sitting from your daily routine.
This is why their program focuses on small movements, stretches, and exercises that you can easily perform throughout your day.
What’s Included:
The sitting solution is a video based resource that covers 42 specific movements.  Each movement has it’s own detailed video in which you will learn how to correctly perform the exercise and the benefits it has for your body. 
These movements will help you restore a strong and upright posture, decompress your chest and improve spinal alignment...
The program is also clearly organized into 5 segments to address your specific needs and allow you to choose from your exercises based on the constraints of your workspace and equipment availability.
A round of corrective movements can be done in 2-4 minutes, and as long as you keep breaking up prolonged periods of sitting with these exercises you will begin to see quick results.
Also included are the following bonus resources:
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Shopping Guide
  • The Sexy Shoulder Secret
  • 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back
  • The Simple Solution To Pain-Free Joints


The program costs $37 and comes with an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.
Also available from Sitting Solution are Resistance Bands for $15.97 and a High Density Foam Roller for $24.97.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions regarding the course or any purchase related issues you can reach someone at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The full Sitting Solution program has positive reviews as well as the accompanying accessories.  People claim that they experienced direct benefits by following the daily routine taught in this course.  Some customers found the resistance bands too short to perform some of the movements in the videos.
Moreover some of the biggest names in the paleo world have endorsed this product and support what Chad and Brenda are trying to accomplish.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many articles and online resources written about the dangers of sitting and tips on what you can do to mitigate the negative effects of it; however there are not many highly detailed instructional guides that organize all the information for you into easy to follow how to videos.

Where to Buy?

You can order the course directly from their website or buy the resistance bands and foam roller through amazon as well.
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