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Thunderbird Real Food Bars
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About Thunderbird Real Food Bars
Thunderbird Real Food Bars were created and are still made in Austin, TX.  The company strives to make the best energy bars using only the finest ingredients.  The owners are athletes and know what high energy and health minded people need out of a bar.
Their products provide all the health nutrion of real clean food in one convenient plant based source.  You can be sure that there energy bars will fuel your activities or provide you protein based nourishment when you’re done.

Products and Ingredients:

Thunderbird Real Food Bars are NON GMO verified, Vegan, Certified Gluten Free, Paleo Certified, have zero added sugar, and contain no grains, soy, or dairy.  Their bars fall under two flavor categories, either fruit and nut or nut and seed.
Fruit and Nut Bars:  These bars are designed to give you plenty of energy and contain only fruit/nuts/seeds/spices. 
Flavors include:
  • Almond+Apricot+Vanilla
  • Cherry+Walnut+Cinnamon
  • Cashew+Fig+Carrot
  • Pineapple+Mango+Papaya
  • Cacao+Hemp+Walnut
  • Lemon+Cashew+Apricot
Nut and Seed bars have lower sugar and aim to provide more sustained energy throughout the day.
Flavors Include:
  • Hemp+Sunflower+Pumpkin Seed
  • Hazelnut+coffee+Maca
  • Pecans+Goji+Pistachios
Other ingredients used in their bars for flavoring include: Dates, Coconut, Chia Seeds, Turmeric, and Himalayan Sea Salt.  You can get the full ingredient list of any bar on their website.

Cost and Price Plans:

A box of 15 bars costs $32
You can also save 10% with a monthly subscription.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions you can reach someone by phone at 512-383-8334 or email at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The reviews for Thunderbird Real Food Bars are overwhelmingly positive with many paleo bloggers reporting on their favorite flavors. Customers have also weighed on the great taste and affordable price of the bars when compared to other options.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The energy/protein bar market is massive with an almost endless variety available at health food stores.  Some other popular energy bar makers include: Bricks Bar, Tanka Bars, and RxBars.

Where to Buy?

If you’re not in Austin you can buy the bars directly from their website at
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