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Todd Kuslikis Isometrics Strength
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About Todd Kuslikis Isometrics Strength
Todd Kuslikis’ Isometrics Strength is a breakthrough new program designed to help people achieve their full muscle building potential.  The guide breaks down common myths and errors about bodybuilding and will show you the keys to simple and efficient success.
This program is not about motivating you to spend hours killing yourself at the gym, instead it focuses on training smarter with the proper exercise to simultaneously engage as many muscles as possible.

What is Isometrics Strength Training?

Your muscles can contract in a few ways, either contracting to shorten the distance between muscles and joints or lengthening.  For example picking up a heavy object and then slowly putting it down requires both types of muscle work.
Isometric exercises engage the muscles causing them to tense but without actually moving.  This can be done using weights or your own body as resistance as these types of exercises are performed as static contractions in a single position.

How Does it Work?

Todd Kuslikis explains the biggest myths in common weight training ideology.  Most people assume that you need to:
  • Lift heavy weights to get strong
  • Have prolonged workout sessions
  • Be blessed with good genetics
  • Need to work out at state of the art facilities
In his Isometrics Strength program Todd quickly debunks these myths and reveals the scientific research that proves you can achieve incredible strength and muscle growth without doing any of these things.
His Tri-Isometric method uses three specific types of isometric exercises to achieve fat burning, strength increase and the development of lean muscle.
The workout plan consists of:
Static Contraction - squeezing muscles without pushing against anything.
Yielding Contraction - using all the muscle fibers available to reach muscle fatigue quicker.
Overcoming Contraction - the concept of pushing against an immovable object.
All this is combined to reach maximal voluntary contraction, that is the greatest amount of tension your muscle can generate and hold in given period of time.

What’s inside the Isometrics Strength Program:

  • Isometrics Strength Ebook
  • Isometrics Workout Plan and Exercise Descriptions
  • Training Log Sheets
  • Bodyweight Physique Academy
  • Bonus 1 - Nutrition For Building Muscle and Increasing Strength
  • Bonus 2 - 8 week meal log sheets
  • Bonus 3 - Recipes for Muscle Support and Recovery


The program is sold at a discounted rate of $7.00.

Customer Service/Refund Policy:

The course comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.  It is important to note that one of the bonuses is a 14 day limited time trial to the BodyWeight Physique Academy.  If you don not cancel you will be charged $47 a month for continued membership.
If you wish to cancel the trial period or get a refund for the Isometrics Strength course you can do so by emailing or calling 616-328-5304.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Many bloggers and online reviewers have positively rated the program and Todd Kuslikis has a good reputation amongst strength coaches.  Also the program has a good money back guarantee so that you can try it risk free, as long as you remember to cancel the membership if you do not want it.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many workout plans online ranging from free to costly.  It is important to identify your own personal goals so that you are not simply buying the latest products every time they are released.  Isometrics is a specific workout strategy, if you are interested in others popular options are available from Ben Greenfield and the Primal Blueprint.

Where to Buy?

You can order directly from Todd’s website.
If you have tried this workout plan please leave your reviews below.
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