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About Tommy Rosen
Tommy Rosen is a health and wellness coach whose methods focus on overcoming addiction through yoga, clean eating and a holistic approach to recovery.  He provides his students with a wealth of resources and he has published books, runs an informative blog, and hosts the annual Recovery 2.0 conference.
Tommy has been in recovery for over 23 years and shares the steps and tools he has used to build a healthy and productive life free of addiction.  he has advanced certifications in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and was one of the pioneers of using yoga as a recovery tool.

Recovery 2.0:

In his book Tommy Rosen outlines a plan that goes beyond the tenets of the 12-step program and really teaches you how to detox on a holistic level.  This also includes strategies for avoiding some of the common issues people experience in the program that can lead to relapses.
He also shares daily breathing practices, yoga routines, and mediation techniques to help with the difficult transition.
As part of the holistic approach there is also a portion of the book that describes how critical a healthy relationship with food is for successful recovery.  You will learn how proper nutrition can strengthen your immune system, increase energy levels, and be the cornerstone of your recovery.
The underlying philosophy in his approach is to show people how not only to get through recovery but how to thrive. The addition of yoga into a recovery program helps strengthen your, body, calm your mind and show you to experience natural euphoria. This means learning new life habits and strategies that will lead to a lifetime of improved health and happiness.

Recovery 2.0 Online Conference:

In addition to the book Tommy also hosts annual seminars which feature a collection of experts from a variety of fields.  There presentations add a whole new perspective to recovery as they share approaches from their own unique fields.
You will get access to information from doctors, yogis, dietitians, nutritionists, addiction specialists, and many others; even paleo health coach Mark Sisson is included.  There is a free online conference event and you can also purchase recordings of past years conferences.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions for Tommy about his events or products you can submit an inqury through his site at

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The reviews for “RECOVERY 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life” are very favorable.  People found Tommy’ story very relatable and felt that he understands the needs of someone battling addiction.  Few dissenting opinions mainly centered around the fact that he believes the 12 step program is incomplete and needs to be augmented.

Competitors and Alternatives:

When it comes to addiction there is no shortage of self-help books, clinics, and online resources.  You can find a variety of health and wellness coaches and yoga teachers as well.  It’s mainly up to you to decide your preferred medium for learning and the style of teacher that you prefer  In regards to addiction help the most obvious and widely used is the 12 step program.
If you have read Tommy’s Book or have subscribed to one of the Recovery 2.0 conferences please share your review below.
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west palm beach, fl
mainline recovery. ( accepting of other alternatives)

I keep getting emails about conferences.
I have replied with why I I don't sign up.
Its the same attitude the recovery community gives me.
If you choose other recovery options than mainline recovery ,
you are ignored and abandoned.

The recovery community needs to wake up and realize that standard treatment methods are failing.

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