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TRX Suspension Training
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About TRX Suspension Training
TRX Suspension Training is a full service fitness system that features fitness equipment, workout programs, exercise education, and it’s own personal trainer certification.  Former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick developed the system while searching for a way to stay fit while constantly on the road.
Since then he has refined the equipment and grown TRX into its own fitness super brand.  The training system Randy and his team have developed focuses on functional fitness through dynamic movements.  The result is a body prepared to take on the rigors of tough jobs, sports, or any other demanding activities.

How Does it Work?

There are two training systems offered by TRX, the original TRX Suspension Training and RIP Training.
Suspension Training works by using your bodyweight and gravity to deliver a workout that builds your core, increases mobility, and increases muscular endurance.  They have a huge list of workouts that have been customized to suit a range of sports and activities, everything from MMA to obstacle racing.  Altogether there are over 300 exercises that you can do.
The TRX Home Suspension Trainer is sold for 199.95 and comes with its own door anchor, suspension anchor, carry bag, and get started guide and access to 6 digital video workouts.  Once you familiarize yourself with the equipment you should be able to workout almost anywhere.
The RIP Training System is allows you to incorporate rotational movements into your workouts.  It also acts as a rehab tool through a wide variety of stability and control exercises it lets you perform.
You can use it to work on range of motion skills, high speed striking movements (for combat/traditional sports), and everyday utility movements performing either high-speed, low-load rotational movements or low-speed, high-load training.
TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit costs 189.95 and also comes with: Rip Door Anchor, Carrying Bag
Training Videos, Workout Guide, Carabiner, and Safety Strap.

Customer Service:

TRX products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and customers can return the equipment within 30 days for a full refund.  There is also a one year limited replacement warranty on the products in case of manufacturer defects.  If you need to reach support staff you can do so via their website or at 1-888-878-5348.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are many great reviews for TRX and customers seem to have really taken a liking to their portable workout system.  The negative reviews appear to be coming mainly from people who purchased knockoff products instead of the official TRX equipment.
Also some online bloggers cautioned that this might not be best for absolute beginners as it requires some level of fitness to use.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Due to the popularity of TRX there have been many copycat products released on the market.  It is important to do your research on any product before purchasing.  Because of the nature of suspension training using poorly made equipment can result in injury.  Other manufactures of portable suspension training equipment include Monkii Bars.
More and more gyms are now offering TRX suspension classes which can provide you with a chance to try out the equipment before you order your own set, check their website to find a location near you.


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Eric tan
Trx force snapped

My trx force snapped and I knocked into the back of my head on a wall . I suffered a concussion and currently am recuperating. It’s not as durable as its advertised . I have been trying to get an answer from the manufacturer on this issue . No one as gotten back to me . To all user of trx . Please be careful . If possible make sure the floor behind u is a free space and padded . So if the trx snapped u r falling not into a wall.

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Marilyn Pinto-Mertz
Buckle broke in two first time I used

Called customer service leave a message they didn't call back. Send an email finally they answered but because I didn't find the serial number they didn't follow up
So I called and the same person Christopher who answered my email answer the phone he was rude I asked for manager or supervisor to speak with he said we don't have one and he hangs the phone call. So disappointed a new an expensive equipment broke easily Í wish somebody respond to me .

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