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About TX Bar Organics
TX Bar Organics is a family farm based in Northern California that specializes in raising healthy organic grass fed black angus cows.  They are dedicated to raising healthy animals that produce nutritious and delicious meat.
Grass fed meat is a huge priority on the Paleo diet but even those eating standard diets should be aware of the health benefits of Grass fed meats.  And you don’t need to be following a special diet to know that crowded feedlots are not good for either animals, humans, or the environment.

Benefits of Grass Fed Meat:

To begin with, having an animal eating it’s natural diet in a stress free environment produces a healthier animal.  This means there is no need for antibiotics or other medicines which are used to facilitate a grain diet.
The meat produced from Grass Fed cows is also natrually leaner and healthier.  Studies have shown that the meat contains more healthy omega 3 fats, more vitamin E, higher and higher conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content.


When buying grass fed meats it’s important to do your research as many ranches may feed their cows grass for only a portion of their lives.  Often times grass fed cows are sent to grain feedlots for fattening before being slaughtered.
TX Organics cows: are grass fed and grass finished, they are never administered antibiotics or hormones, and in addition their pastures are certified organic - free of toxic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Customer Service/Ordering:

The minimum order must be for $100, which will be shipped in eco containers and shipped via FedEX 2 day.  If you have any questions or need to reach a customer service rep you can submit an inquiry online or call them at 877-792-3229.

Online Reviews:

The reviews for TX Bar Organics are very positive and the company has done many partnerships with popular Paleo bloggers to spread their brand.  They have definitely earned the seal of approval from the Paleo Community.
The company also participates in charity program food for the cause, where 1 lb of ground beef gets donated for every 20 lbs purchased.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Grass Fed Beef is becoming more popular and many more farms are switching over as it is a more humane way to raise cattle and the meat sells for more than the conventional alternative.  There are many popular online companies such as US Wellness Meats.
The best bet is to find a local farm where you can personally pick up your meats, this way you offset the higher price by eliminating shipping costs.
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