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About US Wellness Meats
US Wellness Meats is a provider of grass-fed meat and dairy products.  Found online at, the company has quickly grown to be a favorite of the Paleo and other health conscious communities.
Originally founded by farmer John Wood US Wellness Meats has grown to include a network of several family owned farms, providing a variety of grass fed products.  They currently offer: grass-fed beef, lamb, bison, goat, poultry, butter, cheese, and many more quality products.
One question that many consumers of grass-fed beef have is whether or not the animal was grain finished.  Some cattle providers will grass feed their cows then months before slaughter send them to feedlot where they are grain fed to quickly gain weight and consequently bring in more money at sale.
On their website US Wellness Meats claims that their live stock are never grain finished.  From birth they are grass-fed and in winter months when they cannot graze are fed pasture grass and a starch-free grass plant protein.
Currently they ship to all 50 states in the US with an order minimum of seven pounds and $75.  Items are shipped via FedEX and have a handling fee of $7.50.
Us Wellness Meats has earned a positive reputation online for their product quality and customer service.  The only complaints coming from those who feel their meat is too expensive.  This is a common gripe within the health food industry as more consumers are faced with the fact that you have to pay more for quality foods.
The company enjoys the support of many popular Paleo Food Bloggers and continually participates in food giveaways, event sponsorship, and other customer outreach events.  They were also voted Best Online Food/Product Supplier by Paleo Magazine readers in 2012. 
The health benefits of grass fed meat have been thoroughly documented and it is an important switch to make.  Everyebody's dietary needs are different so do your research about which grass-fed provider makes the most sense for you based on your location and demand.
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