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About Vital Choice
Vital Choice is an online retailer specializing in harvesting and sourcing the finest Seafood, grass fed meats, and organic foods.  The company also has a huge focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness which is reflected in many of their policies.
They are most known for their wild Pacific Salmon which is sustainably harvested from Alaskan and British Columbian waters.  The fish is also processed close to the source as a way to mitigate additional environmental impacts and to speed up the process of cutting and flash freezing the fish.


Vital Choice is one of very few seafood companies that believe in transparency and really care about their products.  They regularly test their catches for harmful contaminants and were one of the only companies to release radiation tests after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Their products are tested by independent labs which reveal that even their largest and longest living fish such as Halibut and Tuna do not have harmful levels of Mercury.  This is because they select the smallest fish of every batch.

Vital Green Environmental Program:

This is a four step program that Vital Choice has implemented to help offset the environmental costs of their business.  The first part of the program has been a switch to ground shipping from air which burns less carbon per pound.
Step 2:  is the CubeCycle program which encourages and makes it easier for customers to recycle their Polystyrene foam (EPS) shipping containers.  While they are not biodegradable they can be efficiently recycled.
They have made an effort to limit the amount of paper that they use by making their catalog accessible online, and paper catalogs are printed on recycled paper with Enviro/Tech inks.  And finally the last part is their dedication to supporting local green initiatives and educating their customers.
They encourage people to place fewer but larger orders to not only save money but cut down on the environmental costs as well.  Overall it is clear that the company understands that their business relies on healthy fisheries and that they need to do whatever is in their power to protect them.

Customer Service:

Vital Choice has a 100% guarantee and will replace or refund any purchase within 30 days.  Representatives can be reached at 866-482-5887 M-F 7am - 4pm(PT).  The company’s address is Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics 2460 Salashan Loop Road, Ferndale, WA 98248. You can also reach them directly through their website.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There is tons of positive feedback for this company with some of the leading names in the health and wellness industry recommending Vital Choice, notable names include: Dr Mercola, Dr. Perricone, and author John Durrant.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There is a growing number of sources for online organic products, grass fed meats, and seafood.  When it comes to canned seafood there are even more choices with Wild Planet being one of the most popular and largest producers, however it is more difficult to find a good and ethical provider of frozen seafood.
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