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About Wise Choice Market
Wise Choice Market has been delivering fermented foods, nutrient-dense real foods and starter cultures to customers since 2010. 


Wise Choice Market products don't contain milk or by-milk products, GMO, gluten, soy or iodine. 
The products include bone broth, which has several health benefits including healing the gut, reducing joint pain and inducing healthy bones. Bone broth has also been traditionally used as a medicine.
The starter culture products help control and stabilize the process of fermenting vegetables, which is often done to preserve them or improve the taste. 

Cost and Price Plans:

Wise Choice Market sells a variety of health products at the following price ranges:
Bone broth: $33.75
Coconut treats: $12.00 to $74.00
Fermented foods: $10.45 to $77.00
Grass-fed raw milk cheeses: $43.00 to $44.00
Great lakes gelatin: $21.49 to $22.49 
Healthy snacks and seasonings: $5.25 to $60.00
Healthy soups: $29.00 to $181.00
Manna bread: $5.25 to $47.65
Soaked cereal & nut butters: $14.50 to $89.15
Sprouted foods: $8.45 to $60.00
Starter cultures and kefir grains: $8.99 to $19.00
Wild seafood: $52.00 to $316.00

Customer Service:

You can contact Wise Choice Market at 514-613-1165, chat with their Live Chat representative during business hours or email info@wisechoicemarket.com. 
Wise Choice Market provides free shipping for orders over $175, provides gift certificates and accepts payment through credit card or PayPal. 

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints:

There are not many online reviews, but the customers who have given reviews like the high quality of food and selection. Online food bloggers give glowing reviews for the flavor and ingredients.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are many companies providing delivery services for healthy food ingredients or fully prepared meals including Green BEAN Delivery, Greek Polkadot Box, and Hello Fresh.  Additional online health stores include the Thrive Market and ShopOrganic.com

Where to Buy?

All of the products can be ordered online on the website (www.wisechoicemarket.com) and on Amazon. 
If you have tried Wise Choice Market products or used their service, please leave your reviews below.
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