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About Metabolic Meals
Metabolic meals is a meal planning service that brings its prepackaged food right to their customer's doors. Their mission is “to help you eat healthy without the hassle that comes with planning, shopping, cooking and clean up. Eating Healthy and making good choices for your family can be difficult, and we are changing that!”

What are Metabolic Meals?

Metabolic meals is a food service that delivers to its customer's doors. It is geared towards people who are wanting to lose weight or maintain their weight. They prepackage their meals and send them in an insulated cooler. Metabolic Meals are packaged in a cold room and their facility is visited by the Food and Drug Administration on a daily basis.
This ensures that food is stored and packed at the correct temperature to avoid contamination and ensure freshness. All of the ingredients are from farmers that grow organically grown ingredients and grass-fed, free-range proteins. They are Metabolic Meals is offered solely online.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Portioned Meals:

According to Fitday, there are many benefits to pre-planning and portioning meals for the week.  People who use this method eat healthier as they know what to eat and won't resort to take-out food. People who use this method will also save money from dining out less, and enjoy the variety they are given.

Products & Prices:

Metabolic Meals offers three different meal plans at different prices individualized to the customer's preferences. The meals are sent with heating instructions on every meal.  My Metabolic Meals offers vegetarian options.
They have a sample menu with nutrition info on their website with items like their Paleo bar for breakfast.
My Choice-You Pick - Each week customers choose from a rotating menu of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options – all made from scratch. Customers receive 8-21 meals per week and cost $9.39 per meal.
Chef’s Choice-We Pick - Metabolic meals chefs and nutritionists choose a structured weekly menu designed to improve the customers health, fuel weight loss, or increase performance. Customers receive meals 3, 5, or 7 Days Per Week starting at $25.85 per day.
Family Plan-You Pick - Customers pick healthy meals for their family every week to get them through the work and school week without having to plan and make their meals. Customers receive 22 to 28 Meals Per Week starting at $9.39 per meal.

Side Effects:

There are no known side effects from Metabolic Meals, customers must make sure to eat the proper amount of calories.

Customer Service:

There is no return policy listed on their website, but for customers who need to know how to cancel, there is a cancellation policy listed here. Right now, they have a discount running for 2 free entrees with free shipping.
There are multiple ways to contact Metabolic Meals. For any questions, they have an email address, They have a phone number for calls Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm CST. They also have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts.

Online Reviews:

Most reviews about Metabolic Meals are positive. Customers say that everything they have tried tastes delicious and sustains them even through working out.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are a lot of meal delivery services that are now serving healthy alternatives. One is Freshly that offers plans starting from $49.99-$107.99. Then Hello Fresh that offers plans starting at $8.74 per meal. Finally, there is Plated that offers starting at $23.90 per week.
For more information on Metabolic Meals, visit their website, if you have tired their meals please leave a review below.
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