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About Pre-Made Paleo
Paleo Diet followers and individuals who want to begin a Paleolithic lifestyle can now order meals at The convenience of having all your meals delivered directly to you makes their service so attractive. 
They have a long list of a la carte items, breakfasts, snacks and individually portioned meals. Each week there are fresh new gourmet dishes integrated into the semi-structured meal plans. 

Ingredients and side effects:

Only natural ingredients are used in Pre-made Paleo meals, mainly consisting of organic vegetables, and grass-fed meats.

Is it Safe?

Each meal is individually vacuum-sealed in a PBA-free packaging material and flash frozen. Paleo diets are safe and can actually improve one’s health. By removing grains, dairy, legumes, and refined sugars, the body is able to digest food more efficiently. 


All products from Pre-Made Paleo are Whole30 Approved and Certified Organic.


A typical order consists of 10 meals, approximately equal to one week’s worth of food. Pre-Made Paleo sells individual and family size menus. Every week, there are a few different menus to choose from, each one available in regular or warrior size. The Warrior size has larger portions of protein and costs more per meal. 
Prices are calculated based on your menu selections which could include upgrades, additional sides, and the package size. Prices for custom and bulk orders must be requested through their online form.
Refunds can’t be based on the customers’ personal dislike of how something tastes. The company, will however, assist customers if the food is damaged or spoiled from time in transit.

Customer Support:

Address: RSB Foods 442 Plasters Avenue Atlanta, GA 30324 
Phone: (678) 995-5772

Online Reviews / Complaints:

When comparing Pre-Made Paleo to its competitors, many customers thought their gourmet chefs prepared rather tasty meals. As expected, there were some who did not like the food. 
One must understand unprocessed, preservative free, and non-gmo foods embody the true flavor of natural cuisine. Due to the strict adherence of guidelines set forth in a Paleo diet, it may take time for your taste buds to adapt to this “raw” cuisine.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Pre-Made Paleo sends the food to you for refrigeration; after seven days it must be moved to the freezer. Other Paleo meal companies cook fresh meals that are not flash frozen prior to shipment; these meals are meant to be eaten that week, not to be stuck in the freezer for a later date.
Another point to consider is that Pre-Made Paleo does not offer fish entrees. If you desire a diet with fish, some of their competitors have incorporated fish into their meal options.

Where to Buy?

Pre-Made Paleo is sold through their website at
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Bland, dry, and freezer burned

Ordered burgers they were tasteless chunks of chewy stringy fat through out and tasted old. Vegetables had no flavor and everything was lacking sauce to prevent drying when reheating. Not enough seasoning everything was tasteless. I think this place could take a page from Petes Paleo.

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