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Organic Prairie Mighty Beef Jerky
Had the Peppered flavor, spice level was really nice but the meat itself was incredibly hard and difficult to chew, tasted very dried
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Osso Good Bone Broth
The Osso Good Company was founded by Jazz Hilmer, Meredith Cochran, and Toran Hilmer. Their main mission is to supply bone broth to
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Osteobroth is the latest company to get in on the bone broth boom with their dehydrated bone broth powder.  With the success o
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OSTRIM Beef and Ostrim Meat Sticks were the first line of foods produced by Protos Foods Inc. and designed for people who were seri
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Paleo Life Box
Paleo Life Box is a subscription service that will send you a monthly snack box full of new and favorite treats.  Designed to
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Paleo Meals to Go
Paleo Meals To Go was founded by Ty, an outdoor enthusiast who wanted to fill a gap in the market by providing wholesome Paleo meal
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Paleo Treats
Paleo Treats, as the name implies, is a company specializing in creating delicious Paleo approved desserts and snacks.  They a
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Paleonola is on a mission to bring their all natural grain-free healthy snack to homes nationwide.  Created by former athletes
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Paleovalley was created to fill a gap in the market for high quality Paleo snacks that not only removed harmful ingredients, but al
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Pique Tea Crystals
Would you consider tea to be a superfood? While many people enjoy a relaxing cup of tea, few are aware of just how beneficial tea c
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Plaid Cow Society
Plaid Cow Society is a grass-fed meat delivery service that connects consumers directly to domestic US ranches.  This process
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powbab Superfruit Chews
Our family really likes the powbab baobab chews. Taking one of these is like having a treat - they are not too sweet but are a fruity
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Primal Kitchen
Primal Kitchen is the latest product from Paleo pioneer Mark Sisson and his company.  Mark is behind some of the most integral
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Primal Kitchen's Dark Chocolate Almond Bars
Mark Sisson is the author of the #1 best-selling health book The Primal Blueprint on Amazon and the founder of Primal Nutrition, a
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Primal Pacs
Primal Pacs, “Paleo on the Go”, is a similar snack to that of a trail mix but are much healthier. While typical trail m
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Primal Palate Organic Spices
Primal Palate started out as a small Paleo food blog run by, owners, Hayley and Bill.  Together through their inventive and de
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Primal Pastures
Primal Pastures is a Southern California family farm that raises high quality free range animals.  They believe that your food
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Primal Pet Foods Inc
After changing your lifestyle by going Paleo and experiencing all the benefits it’s hard not to do the same for your pets. &n
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Pure Indian Foods
Pure Indian Foods is a family run business specializing in creating the finest Ghee and traditional Indian spices and oils.  G
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Rapidfire Ketogenic Coffee
Rapid Fire is one of the few companies out there that recognize the healthy benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle, while appreciating
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