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About RxBar
RxBar is an all natural energy/protein bar, made by the Chicago based company.  The bars are Paleo and made with only real food ingredients and have no artificial flavors or additives to give athletes optimal fuel.
Their ingredient list is short, no more than 8 ingredients in each bar, and do not contain grains, added sugars, gluten, soy, dairy, or any artificial or processed ingredients.


Dates are the base of RxBars, they act as a natural sweetener and are full of essential nutrients like B vitamins and potassium.  The protein source in the bars is made up of egg whites and raw almonds.  With each bar coming in at an impressive 15g of protein.
They also use Figs, Cacao, Coconut Oil, Apples, Unsweetened Coconut, Coffee, and Blueberries.  All in all each ingredient in the bar is something known to most people and does not come from a laboratory.

Customer Service:

If you need to contact RxBar you can reach them by phone at 630.414.4816 email: Info@rxbar.com and their address is PO BOX 2975 Chicago, IL 60654

Online Reviews/Complaints:

These bars are definitely a favorite in the CrossFit circles as they pack a combo of energy and muscle building protein.  Most of the online reviews for RxBar were very positive with people enjoying the flavors - big hits are the Coconut Cacao and Coffee Cacao.
Some of the reviews mentioned the high sugar content of these bars, which is definitley something to be aware of.  Even though they are sourced from Paleo approved ingredients you should be conscious of how much sugar you are intaking especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Competitors and Alternatives:

The energy bar market is huge and many big brand companies are trying to make the shift to health bars.  While many may claim to be Paleo or all natural many sneak in some questionable ingredients.
The main Date based bar competitor would be Larabars but make sure to check the ingredients as some flavors are not 100% Paleo.  Other companies include Epic Bars which have an animal based protein and alternative cricket protein bar makers Chapul and EXO.
Another option, if you have the time, is to make your own bars.  There are many Paleo recipes online.

Where to Buy?

RxBars can be found in CrossFit gyms around the country, use their online store locator to see if there’s one near you.  You can also order them directly online.
3 ‘RxBar’ Reviews
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Kinda gnarly

They're very sticky and chewy, which is fine, but they have chunks of almonds in them which is really makes the texture kind of gross. I've had a couple flavors - blueberry and maple sea salt (or something like that). I liked the blueberry better. I had a friend describe them as chewing on the sole of a shoe, and that was a close enough description to turn me off of them. But fine in a pinch?

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connie gates
johnson, vermont
not for 4 year olds

My grand daughter was not impressed with the RXbars, so in my opinion it is not for this age group. Other then that, I think the natural ingriedents are great.

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Ringgold, GA
Fantastic Company and Products

I am so impressed with this company and their products. I have placed many orders for my office and patients. The products were shipped out quickly and the customer service is top notch! I recently had a problem with a case of bars that were in the old packaging. They replaced every case in my office! What company does that? It was proof to me that they are genuine in their 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The new formula of the bars is fantastic. We love the Chocolate Sea Salt! Please support this company.

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