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Steve’s PaleoGoods
Steve’s PaleoGoods is a perfect example of what happens when passion meets business.  Steve Liberati began selling his P
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EPIC Bars have been in the market for a short time but have gained popularity predominately amongst consumers who are following new
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Primal Pacs
Primal Pacs, “Paleo on the Go”, is a similar snack to that of a trail mix but are much healthier. While typical trail m
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Chapul Cricket Energy Bar
Chapul is sustainable company founded by Pat Crowley, a water enthusiast and conservationist.  The company aims to address sev
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Bitty Foods
Bitty Foods is a company on a mission to make insect based foods a mainstream part of the western diet.  Using Cricket flower
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Exo Enegry Bar
Exo.co has introduced a new energy bar made with cricket powder, an excellent source of protein. While eating them whole is not the
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Late July Organics
Late July is one of the most successful family operated health snack developers.  Their line of chips can be found in major re
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RxBar is an all natural energy/protein bar, made by the Chicago based company.  The bars are Paleo and made with only real foo
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SeaSnax products are made with nutrient rich roasted seaweed; it is healthy to eat on its own, as a topping or to use in recipes. S
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Caveman Cookies
Caveman Cookies from Caveman Bakery LLC provide customers with a delicious yet still Paleo option for treats.  Perfect for any
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Nick’s Sticks
Nick’s Sticks are the product of founder and farmer Nick Wallace.  Based in Keystone, Iowa Wallace Farms raises grass-fe
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Well Food Company
The Well Food Company provides a wide range of Paleo snacks, bars, and protein powders.  Started by former NFL player John Wel
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Paleo Treats
Paleo Treats, as the name implies, is a company specializing in creating delicious Paleo approved desserts and snacks.  They a
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Fuel For Fire
Fuel For Fire is popular line of energy and post workout recovery blends.  They use all natural ingredients that provide athle
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Nikki’s Coconut Butter
Nikki’s Coconut Butter came about from the founders' desire to find healthy Paleo approved snacks that taste great.  
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ABS Protein Pancakes
ABS Protein Pancakes mix was created to ease the pain of going low carb.  One of the challenges of switching to a low carb or
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Paleonola is on a mission to bring their all natural grain-free healthy snack to homes nationwide.  Created by former athletes
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Simple Mills
Simple Mills is a Chicago based baking company that specializes in healthy, gluten free, and Paleo friendly baking mixes.  As
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Rawmio specializes in making handcrafted, raw, vegan chocolate treats including chocolate bars, chocolate bark, spreads, cakes, small
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The New Primal
The New Primal provides gluten-free, antibiotic-free, 100% grass-fed beef jerky and turkey jerky. The creation of the products bega
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