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Jackson's Honest Potato Chips
Jackson's Honest Potato Chips was created out of a family's desire to provide healthy potato chips with quality ingredients
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SlantShack Jerky
SlantShack Jerky offers beef jerky made from 100% grass-fed cattle that are raised humanely by a network of small family farms. The
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Tanka Bar
American Natural Foods, LLC, is focused on creating a family of nationally branded buffalo-based food products that are delicious a
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OSTRIM Beef and Ostrim Meat Sticks were the first line of foods produced by Protos Foods Inc. and designed for people who were seri
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Shurky Jerky
Shurky Jurky compiles dry meat snacks from beef, pork, turkey and bison that are 100% grass-fed, pastured and free range in Portlan
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Jerky Snob
Jerky Snob sends monthly shipments of high quality jerky made by independent and small batch producers. The company began out of th
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Bricks Bars
Bricks Bars produces protein turkey and beef bars that are Paleo-friendly. The name Bricks was chosen because a healthy lifestyle i
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Brad’s Raw Foods
Like many health food companies Brad’s Raw Foods was born out of the founder’s own battle with health and wellness. &nb
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Healthy Surprise
Healthy Surprise makes high-quality snack products that are natural, made in the USA, gluten-free, GMO-free, soy free, corn free an
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Paleovalley was created to fill a gap in the market for high quality Paleo snacks that not only removed harmful ingredients, but al
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Paleo Meals to Go
Paleo Meals To Go was founded by Ty, an outdoor enthusiast who wanted to fill a gap in the market by providing wholesome Paleo meal
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Graze.com creates four healthy snacks made up of high-quality ingredients and delivers them to subscribed customers. The company wa
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Blissmo sends customers a box of organic and eco-friendly products to their homes. Each box contains established and up-and-coming
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Rhythm Superfoods
Rhythm Superfoods produces snacks made from kale, seeds, and whole grains paired with tasty vegetables and natural spices. The food
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Love with Food
Love with Food helps people discover new organic or all-natural snacks through monthly snack box deliveries.    T
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Chomps Snack Sticks
Chomps Snack Sticks were created by Pete Maldonado as a healthy alternative to traditional jerky and meat snacks.  His version
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ZEGO Snacks has produced a one of a kind energy bar that boasts one of the cleanest ingredient profiles on the market.  Their
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Desert Farms Camel Milk
Founder Abdul Wahab discovered his passion for raw camel milk while he was visiting his family in Saudi Arabia. The milk wasn't
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Paleo Life Box
Paleo Life Box is a subscription service that will send you a monthly snack box full of new and favorite treats.  Designed to
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Bubba's Fine Foods
Bubba's Fine Foods is a new company that specializes in gourmet snack foods.  Specifically making delicious Paleo granola
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