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Paleo Plan
Following a Paleo diet can be confusing when you first start out; Paleo Plan takes all the guesswork out of what you can eat. Paleo
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Bodeefit is an all in one hub for exercise and nutritional guidance.  The company, founded by Adam Griffin, has developed into
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21 Day Sugar Detox
The 21 Day Sugar Detox program is a natural way to break sugar and carb cravings. This program opens your eyes to sources of sugar
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ThePaleoDiet.com is a website containing a database of everything Paleo. Awareness of how the addition of wheat and dairy has impac
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Pete’s Paleo
Pete’s Paleo is an all encompassing Paleo meal delivery service.  The company is the creation of renowned, Le Cordon Ble
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Paleo Leap
Paleo Leap, formerly Paleo Diet Lifestyle, is a full service paleo community website that provides users with a wealth of resources
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KetoDiet App
The KetoDiet App is the creation of Martina Slajerova a health and wellness enthusiast who's a strong proponent of low carb eat
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Real Plans
Real Plans is the creation of popular food/natural health blogger Emily, of the Holistic Squid blog, and her husband.  Through
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MOMables is a meal planning service geared towards children’s lunches.  They have collaborated with chefs, nutritionists
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The Performance Paleo Cookbook
The Performance Paleo Cookbook is a new release that focuses on getting athletes the proper nutrition they need to excel at their c
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eMeals.com is a website that provides its customers with a wide range of weekly meal plans to help make dinner and shopping a more
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Prep Dish
Allison Stevens is a personal chef, whose clients have included celebrities, and a Registered Dietician who founded Prep Dish. She
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The Six O'Clock Scramble
The Six O'Clock Scramble is an online healthy meal-planning and grocery shopping tool that saves time and energy for busy home
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Eat to Perform
Eat to Perform (ETP) is a coaching program that helps active people build their muscles while losing weight. The company has become
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The Fresh 20
The Fresh 20 is a meal-planning service created for busy families and singles who want to eat healthy meals, save time and save mon
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PlateJoy makes personalized, on-demand grocery lists that are particularly helpful for people with busy lifestyles. What makes Plat
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Cook Smarts
Cook Smarts was founded by Jess Dang in 2012 and before she established the company, she was providing in-home cooking lessons to p
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Once a Month Meals
Once a Month Meals provides customers with everything they need to shop, prep, and cook a bulk of monthly meals in just one day. Th
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HelloFresh Box
HelloFresh delivers healthy recipes with pre-measured ingredients to people's homes every week. The company also partners with
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Danette May
Danette May is a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor and nutritionist who for over a decade has been helping people
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